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Bank holiday monday - May 31st - June 1st 2004

Due to difficulties with our usual frequency 106.1fm we have been moving around the FM band with our transmisions to keep our free radio service on air.
Weed FM have populated 106.1fm with their brand of Regea style music. They now appear to broadcasting weekends only. LPR (liverpool Pirate Radio) have decided to use 105fm beyond our agreed shared frequency time during the day(s) agreed. Our broadcasts today therefore moved to 106.4fm.

Jim started testing on 105fm early morning. With the help of our engineer Joe we managed to re-callibrate the arial to a new clear frequency 106.4fm. Our bandwidth is very small due to the genius of Joes TX design therefore no bleedover to other stations was apparent during our testing.

Programming commenced from mid day. Below is the list of DJ's involved in our broadcasts today....

Jim Brown
Doctor TK + the Dog
Martin Roberts
Brian Grant
Dave Collins

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