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May 2003


(26/ 5/ 03 )

Another crazy day to be a Pirate. Bank Holiday monday and we were on air throughout... transmitting on 106.1fm.

I'll sneak this entry in here... "We also now have our very own stalker!"

Transmissions commenced at 10am and finished 10.30pm the following day.

The DJ's on air today were...(in order of appearance)...

Jim Brown, Mark Evans, Dave Collins, DJ Foxy Locks,
Brian Grant, Paul Hunt, Brown + Evans (The Gas Hour).

Poor old Tom Webb had the dreaded "lergy" so couldn't make it today + Mr Mark Evans ate a dodgy kebab
and kept on farting throughout the evening in the studio. The gas was too much, so we closed thing down ealier
down than usual.

Technical problems with a couple of CD players cheered everyone up and when the police knocked
asking all kinds of questions we decided it was time to jump on the 56 bus and leggit....

Ah ha! me Hearties! (and you are probably now thinking I am winding you up here!....) I ain't...trust me...


(1 5/ 5/ 03 )

Just added - two more radio shows to our website... DJ Foxy Locks (chick tunes and lady divas),
also the return of Mark Evans with his requests and dedidactions show. Click here to listen.


( 5/ 5/ 03 )

Central Radio were on air today transmitting on 106.1fm and 102.2fm (thanx to Stevie P from Rise FM for the relay).
Our coverage today was spectacular despite a few rogue carrier waves near by.

Joe the Blow has made some major modifications to our audio output and Arial design (cheers Joe!).

The DJ line up today consisted of Jim Brown, Mark Evans (Hooray! he's back on air), Brian Grant, Paul Hunt,
a brand new Lady DJ - Foxy Locks, Ming and Chaos, + we also noticed Joe the Blow on the mic early on during
Central Radio's test.

A very busy day with lots of calls and text messages.

Coming up....

I'll be adding audio extracts to our website from the latest Mark Evan's radio show
+ also DJ Foxy Locks....

Stay tuned...

PS: Happy Birthday Mr. Jim Brown.