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October 2003

(26 /10 / 03 )

Another transmission by Central today on 106.1 fm. We are still sharing this frequency with LPR.
We stll anticipate MW transmissions during the Christmas period. We have tested on 1611khz so far.
I can confirm we were not testing on 1350 khz recently. This is something to with Liverpool University.
Reports advise us the University TX is broadcasting with an output power of 1 watt.
Centrals TX will have an anticipated output power of 200 watts.
Joe our engineer will be able to provide more information regarding this.
I have not personally spoke to Joe for a few months, however I saw JB recently and he assures me
this is the appox power output.
The rig is also solid state - (no more 807's).


(13 /10 / 03 )

Central transmitted on 106.1fm today (Sunday) with DJ's Jim Brown and guest presenter known only as "Anne".
Signal strength and audio quality was very good here at the website. Good reports from the Concept Radio forum....

click here for reception reports.

Liverpool Pirate Radio LPR broadcast on the same frequency today - before and after the Central Radio

Hi! to Phil Davis. Good to be able to receive his radio transmission here at the Central website.


( 06 /10 / 03 )

Central were back on air today (Sunday)transmitting on 106.1fm.
Transmission commenced from 4pm - 5.30pm with Jim Brown.
Signal strength was good here at the website and the audio quality was excellent. Nice to hear Central back on air.
Playing mostly oldies today (70's). Nice audio, cool jingles, new mailing address