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Central Radio News update

November 2006

Well I know we've kept it super secret + not posted about it here on the forum but earlier this evening we had our Central Radio - Big Night Out at a secret pub location + it was bril, so thanks to eveyone who attended.

Many thanks to Jim Brown (The Boss), Anne, Tony James, DJ Alien, Paul Hunt, Mark Evans, Tom Webb - also from Concept Radio, Dave Collins + crew from The Scene, Phil Davis from LPR, Steve West from Tower FM + the lads Owen Munny + Tommy Gunn from Central + Longwave 750. Hope I haven't forgotten any radio presenter names here. Also a big thanks to the fab listeners who also attended our gathering. It was a super fantastic night and excellent after all the years to put a face to a voice....

Hopefully we can all do this again sometime soon + maybe all help each other with future projects.

Cheers everyone.