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Central Radio News update

Central Radio - 7th of April 2019

Ah Ha!!! Me Hearties...

Brian Grant here... Still alive in a boat somewhere off the coast of the River Mersey (secret location).

I've managed to keep our Central Radio - Pirate Radio for Merseyside website online for another year until April 2020.

Hope you all enjoy the archive stuff... and our main intro page is set up with streaming content from our friends at Concept Radio who are keeping the faith with NEW LIVE broadcasts and archive memories from Central Radio.

Sending LOVE, PEACE... and RESPECT to all our Pirate Radio friends throughout Merseyside, the Wirral and all surrounding areas...

Lots of love to all the crew at MAR our great friends who are still broadcasting 'Merseyland Alternative Radio' keeping the radio waves alive...


Cheers everyone... Blistering Barnacles - Brian Grant

Central Radio - Pirate Radio for Merseyside